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Whether you are just starting out in golf, looking to improve your game or looking to get your handicap down our lessons are available to golfers of all levels.

Our Professional will tailor your lessons to your individual needs while using the foremost technology available in the game today.

All the statistics, numbers and data needed to make sure you get the most out of your lesson are here at iGolf. Trackman and Zen are an absolute must for every golfer looking to improve their game, and at iGolf we have it all.

iGolf One Hour Short Game Lessons | Individual
1 Lesson | €40
1 hour putting lesson | €40

iGolf One Hour  Lessons | Groups
2-4 people | €30 per person
1 putting lesson for 2 people | €30 per person

Sloping lies using The Zen Stage
4 people | €30 per person

*This includes a 90 minute lesson for 4 people and then immediately after the lesson 30 minutes use of a bay for 4 people to practice.

Meet our professional Coach at iGolf
"I am a golf swing coach and professional golfer based in Andalucia.

From the coaching I received and learned I went on to study at University in Birmingham where I studied biomechanics, strength and conditioning and sports psychology to develop a coaching style that incorporates the fundamental swing mechanics and Mind Strength Training to improve all aspects of the game.

My approach to the swing is simply to observe and establish the root cause of any swing faults and rectify them by analyzing the swing through the full series of body of movements".

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